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Crystal was an amazing partner in understanding what I truly wanted at a pivotal point in my life. She listened well and asked all the right questions to help me come to my own conclusions. She then helped me remain accountable to making the changes in my life that would lead me closer to my ideals. I looked forward to my sessions with Crystal, and learned a lot from our time working together, and even now after we've stopped having sessions I still find the notes I took from our discussions really useful!

Ziah F.


I've been working with Crystal for several months now and it's been amazing!! When I first started working with her I was managing my time/schedule poorly, but now I feel a renewed sense of energy and purpose, more organized, and on a path to accomplish goals that I've put on hold for some time. Thank you Crystal for helping me recognize my strengths, helping me find the solutions to issues with my business, making the best use of my time,  and keeping my days/schedule on track . I'm looking forward to continued growth! I highly recommend Crystal!

Eric P.


When I first started working with Crystal, I was a defensive, emotionally shut down workaholic who had been teaching in various unfulfilling and underpaid roles for years simply because I did not have a clear idea of my own career goals. Since then, I've taken steps to learn more about the current professional terrain in the East Bay and beyond. I've begun taking online Business and Marketing coursework to educate myself in ways pertinent to my new professional goals. I've found ways to network with young professionals in my area outside of my workplace, and I've found a workplace where I can be myself and gain camaraderie and support. I'm learning again and again that I can make mistakes, I can be imperfect, at work and in my life, and that's okay! I feel like I'm back on my path and living my life's purpose again. I am so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to work with Crystal, particularly at such a vulnerable moment in my life. She did such a great job of shepherding me out of the most recent in a long series of underpaid, boring, uninspiring jobs, into a position where I can pursue my dreams.

Catherine T.



Crystal has been amazing, I am so glad I found her! She brings a lot of insight and presence into her work. She is a great listener and will guide you to find answers to your own questions. She asks questions in a brilliant way, that awakens your brain in ways you might not have thought of. If you need someone who will guide you, and offer knowledgeable responses/recommendations/practices on what it means to you, to be a great leader, or how you can live this life to the best of your abilities, Crystal might be the coach you need.

Juliana N.



Crystal Fry, Leadership Coach, where do I begin?  This is by far one of the best coaches I could have ever asked for. Crystal has gone above and beyond in showing her interest in my professional well being, and also being there. Since starting to work with Crystal at approximately three months ago, I have grown tremendously.  She has shown me ways to set amazing radical boundaries with my peers, grow into my greatness, and hold me accountable/responsible for my actions as a leader. If you're wanting to become your full self and submerge into your own greatness but need a helping hand, sign Crystal Fry onboard and she'll take you to the moon and back.

Joshua H.



Crystal has remarkable intuition layered on qualified academic training to really shine as a coach. Her observations and insights immediately resonate... creating a series of personal epiphanies that lead to real breakthroughs. Working with Crystal has been exhilarating and really professionally beneficial, and on a personal level I feel I've learned a lot as well. Very grateful for Crystal's coaching services and highly recommend to anyone looking for an attentive listener and professional "life guide".

Jake L.



I can not recommend Crystal highly enough! Seriously, she was born to do this work. The combination of her life experience, empathic nature and kick ass/take names attitude make her an amazing life coach. I've worked with her a few times now. At first, for help with more general organization of life plans (oh yeah, she's highly organized too and will hold you accountable!) and more recently in preparation of a specific job interview. Both times, my work with her helped me tremendously and I saw clear, concrete results in relation to our work. Will definitely work with her again and recommend you do too!


Erika C.


I can't recommend Crystal enough. I consider myself really good at setting goals and creating an action plan, so I put off coaching until I faced a job interview and I knew I could use the help. Crystal has a well of genuine positive energy. She was able to immediately quash my fears and direct me to embrace my strengths. A coaching session with her not only helped me ensure that I had what I needed to prepare for a strong interview; she left me feeling powerful and confident--the qualities I needed to impress not only my interviewees but myself! Yep, I got the job. Crystal is a natural coach, and has many tools in her toolkit to help you find your path or your power, or whatever you may be seeking. 

Madeleine B.


Crystal is a natural coach, and has many tools in her toolkit to help you find your path or your power, or whatever you may be seeking.Crystal is a wonderful coach with keen insight, astute observations, and a tremedously warm heart. I’ve had profound personal growth over the last several years which would not have fully happened without my work with her. I recently recommended Crystal to a good friend whom I thought she could help, and he too sings her praises. If you are looking to move yourself forward, and/or help yourself overcome certain inner obstacles that may be holding you back, working with Crystal is a fantastic way to get yourself there.

Logan O.


By now you may already know that Crystal Fry is a life coach who offers excellent personalized sessions to help you achieve your goals, even if your goal is figuring out what your goals are in the first place. Let me add that she does so standing firmly at the crossroads of great experience, training, and compassion.In our first meeting (free of charge!) Crystal introduced me to what life coaching is. I'll let her explain to you, but basically, for me it's felt like a workshop to help me focus on being my best me. The rest of the process is based on making reasonable commitments that are dynamic and specific to you and your goals, which leads to actually achieving them, and then, of course, celebrating! I have never left a session less than refreshed and excited to continue forward on my path, even if I'd gone into it lost or disillusioned. I've had many successes (little and big) since we began two years ago--I've  made and achieved plans to improve my health and my finances, my work life and my living situation; I won a scholarship and I'm currently in a master's program abroad studying what I'm passionate about--all the while respecting my limits and making room to recharge. It's been such a gratifying journey of exploration and experimentation, all focused to help me be who I want to be. BONUS: ¡Habla español! I'm stoked to recommend Crystal to all of my family and friends.Thanks a million, Crystal!

Vanessa B.


Crystal was such a pleasant surprise in my life. I had aways been skeptical about coaching, until a family member recommended her. I was in a job rut. Crystal helped me transition through not only a huge move across-country, but through different career fields. She helped me through rough patches with my job(s) and I always felt so much better after speaking with her. She motivates without being pushy, she's a great listener and she is very honest. Crystal really made me feel like she cared about my progress. As another review said, she also helped me realize a lot of negative patterns and mindsets I unconsciously felt about myself and helped me change these. We set realistic goals for myself and checked in on them every session. I will definitely be keeping in touch with her for the future!

Tatiana F.



I was unhappy with my job, but the thought of moving on was scary.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do and I was paralyzed by fear and doubt.  I started working with Crystal as my coach because I knew I needed to get perspective and support from a neutral third party.  Crystal is an amazing listener and effective coach.  She helped me to regain my confidence and recognize how my negative thought patterns were an unproductive distraction.  I'm glad that I found a coach as caring and supportive as Crystal.

Bridget G


I would like to strongly recommend Crystal Fry as my experience with her as my life coach was extremely positive and beneficial. Crystal was highly professional in scheduling and holding our sessions and she provide a tremendous amount of insight into what my main barriers to productivity were and contributors to stress. Our sessions allowed me to develop creative ways of improving my work/life balance as well as implementing effective coping skills for dealing with stress. Crystal is the ultimate sounding board. Her advice and her intuition are invaluable. If you are in a position of leadership and have challenges with organising your professional life, balancing your personal life and inspiring your team members to join you on the journey to success, then Crystal Fry is someone you should be working with. 

Tarik P


My life coaching experience with Crystal was wonderful. She helped me to identify issues that stand in the way of obtaining both my personal and professional goals. She also helped me to narrow down those goals and to find the best ways to achieve them. I have a tendency to get stuck in my own head and Crystal has really helped me flush out those issues. Together we set short term goals that helped make the long term goals much easier to obtain. She has such a warm personality and a special ease about her that makes you feel incredibly comfortable opening up in the ways necessary to be able to break through your own barriers. She clearly has the training and the life experience to make her an excellent coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Erika C.


Crystal was an amazing support through a very transitional period in my life. She helped me realize where it was I wanted to go and really supported me in the process of getting there.  Frankly, not sure I could have done it without her! Highly recommend her!

Katherine S.


I had the good fortune of working with Crystal Fry as my coach this year. She was very effective in helping me create and stick to daily and weekly practices that reinforced my career and personal goals, and helped to implement a framework that I could use to hold myself accountable to those goals. Crystal possesses a deep understanding of coaching as a discipline and brings years of international experience to her practice, which I found appealing and useful to our work together. I highly recommend Crystal Fry as a career and personal coach.

Richard L. A




I want to take the time out to recommend Crystal... as a life coach, she is spot on with her skills to promote encouragement, accountability and diligence. Over a period of time, she helped me find the directions and fortitude that I needed to claim portions of my life in a direction that I wanted to go in. She helped me remember to celebrate the good things in life and not be so tough on myself so that I was actually restraining myself. I highly recommend her!

Jamin S.



And one more, from one of my very first clients... 

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