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My life can be described as a special kind of adversity & diversity training that’s made me an expert in navigating change, bridging differences and overcoming challenges. I grew up in poverty and painful contradiction. First moving around the housing projects and trailer parks of the most wealthy white school district in Ohio, I then attended middle school and high school in one of the most underfunded black districts. The contrast was striking and the injustice made me hungry for change in my own life and overall. By miracle and Mennonite intervention, I went on to a world class university, graduated with honors, and then spent seven years living and working abroad in Latin America. I got my master’s in life by overcoming poverty, homelessness, and all the different kinds of abuse in my youth to become a happy, healthy and contributing adult. These broad experiences helped me develop deep respect and heartfelt compassion for humans in all walks of life and any circumstance.

In 2007, I began working in the leadership development field coordinating programs and executive learning all over the world. I was fascinated by the content of developing conscious leaders and determined to make an impact. I learned and practiced concepts and mindsets that made me more effective in my work and personal life, and became skilled in direct and authentic communication. I also learned to live in accordance with my values and accept responsibility for my own experience here on earth. In 2012, I began coaching and found the perfect application for my content knowledge and way of being. Since then, I've earned professional coaching certifications from UC Davis and the International Coaching Federation. I find great joy and feel truly honored to leverage my life experience and professional training to help people make positive change in their lives.

Learning is one of my favorite pasttimes; I'm always reading, attending trainings, and engaging in development programs to expand my perspective, add to my toolbox and improve my coaching skills. I spend the rest of my free time enjoying loved ones and nature, meditating, traveling, working out and getting crafty. I also volunteer as Equine Specialist working with horses to heal and empower at-risk youth and organize community events here in Oakland, California.

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