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Crystal Fry

Leadership Coach 

I work with leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers to achieve goals aligned with their values and build safe and inclusive work cultures. 

Leveraging neuroscience, conscious leadership models, and  values-based decision making, I coach teams and individuals to identify and activate their best possible outcomes with the power of response-ability.

Whatever your challenge, I can help facilitate clarity and actionable strategies to achieve your goals.

How it works

Throughout our engagement, we work together to:


  • Identify the gap that exists between where you (or your team or organization) are today and where you want to be


  • Explore and unpack challenges to expand perspective, check for blind spots, and overcome any limiting beliefs or false assumptions to unlock new possibilities and potential


  • Co-create solutions and design a plan of actionable steps to help you and your people cross the gap

  • Follow-up, support and structure to hold you and your people accountable to action plans and commitments

And you can also expect to have some fun along the way! 


I've been coaching since 2012 and hold certifications from UC Davis and the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Following professional standards and ethics, I coach men and women of all ages and diverse backgrounds, experiences and interests to achieve their aspirations.


If you want level up your leadership to make greater impact and change- but feel stuck, overwhelmed or indecisive- I can help you understand why and how to move forward, one step at a time. Real change is achieved through slow, steady and sustainable shifts in mindsets and behaviors.


If you need an ally, I offer effective leadership coaching.

Coaching sessions are delivered in-person, by phone or video conference.

Please contact me to set up a free introductory meeting.

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